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At Digital Sky, our goal is to help our clients Gain Altitude. Whether that means bringing us in to produce a full video for your next campaign, or helping you incorporate drone imagery into productions you’re working on for your clients, we’re here to help.

We’ve worked with a lot of amazing clients over the past three years and would love to work with you too!

Perfect for…

Web and Television

Digital Sky can take your idea and make it a reality! Our full aerial and ground capabilities are perfect for your next production. Not only do we have the ability to make it look good, we can make it sound good by leveraging the latest in audio engineering technology, copy writing, and voice acting to keep your viewers interested and help tell your story.

Marketing/Advertising Firms

Digital Sky is ready to help you tell your clients stories. Teaming up with us gets you access to our extensive production suite and creative talent. We’ve got the best drones in the region, but also have some of the best ground equipment. Let’s work together to help your clients Gain Altitude!

Social Media

Social Media Videos are a great way to get new followers on your accounts! There’s no better medium to engage with your audience than social media video, and if you leverage it correctly, you can turn that audience into a source of qualified leads that will help you generate more revenue. Let’s put together something awesome that will boost your social media presence.

Featured Work

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