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Using Video for social media is arguably something every brand should be doing. Whether you’re a startup just trying to get your message out there, or a fortune 500 keeping your audience engaged, social media video can help accomplish your goals. Having the right balance of production value and cost though, can be something that is hard to figure out.

At Digital Sky, we believe social media video should be something that’s easy for people to understand. We focus our attention on keeping costs low by working efficiently to create productions that help tell your story in a minute or less. This capitalizes on the average attention span for consumers in the 21st century, while maintaining a level of professionalism in your social media videos that your brand deserves.

Efficient Planning

Planning a social media production that is short enough to keep things interesting yet long enough to cover the subject isn’t a small task. We work with you going into your production to make sure that we’ll have all the needed resources, and have your messaging correct before we start rolling film. By doing this we’re able to keep costs down and help make your production even more successful.

Delivery Consulting

Having the proper delivery strategy for your video can be just as important as what’s actually in it. If you’d like, we’ll help you come up with effective ways to reach your desired audience through targeted advertising and distribution. Working from methods we’ve developed over the past 5 years, we’ll help your video reach exactly who it needs to so you can generate the highest return on investment. 

Bank = Unbroken

Social Media Video doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many ways we can help keep the costs down, like offloading some of the pre-production duties to your team, to limiting the amount of time we spend on set. We’ll make sure your bank goes unbroken, and even have some simple payment plans that allow you to budget for this investment in your brand.

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