Our First LAANC Flight | The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

LAANC… we’ve all heard it by now, if you’re a drone pilot, but what does it really mean? Is it a magical portal that will eliminate the huge backlog of pilots waiting on airspace authorizations? Or is it a way for the FAA to have more control over what we do? Is it...

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8 Things You HAVE To Do With Your New Drone

Record numbers of people are getting drones for christmas this year. For first time flyers, getting into the air can be a little overwhelming. Digital Sky has put together a list of 8 points that will help you fly smarter and allow you to enjoy your drone longer. 1:...

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Digital Sky Focus: Doane University

“We were very satisfied with the Digital Sky experience and we plan to come back to see how we can utilize drones for obtaining video for our future marketing plans.” Last fall, Digital Sky had the pleasure of working for Doane College (now Doane University). We spent...

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Digital Sky Focus: Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau

Tourism and Drones, A Natural Fit. Digital Sky spent the summer of 2015 working with the Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau working on a number of videos. These videos covered a wide variety of subjects, and were all focused around the task of promoting the Norfolk area as...

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Drones for Search and Rescue

Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones as they're more commonly known, can be a valuable resource in Search and Rescue. Drones give individuals and groups outside of law enforcement the ability view areas from a different perspective, which can often be helpful in finding...

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Endicott Clay Teaser

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kcjapEZ9NQ&feature=youtu.be We had the pleasure of spending some time with Endicott Clay Products Company of Endicott, Nebraska in 2015. Our work for them is nearing completion! Check out this teaser with a few of our favorite shots...

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