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FAA Approved Drone Operations For Your Construction Site

Get a Better View

FAA Approved Drone Operations For Your Construction Site

The Digital Sky Difference

FAA Approved

With the FAA’s new drone regulations, flying a drone for business purposes requires special licenses to be obtained and rules to be followed. Think of this like OSHA and their requirements for your site. The good news? Digital Sky is FAA Licensed, and authorized to fly in most areas. Don’t worry about the hassle of fines or other or other risks from flying against the law. Trust your flights to us.


Safe and Insured

Safety is one of our core principles. It keeps us flying. In the three years that Digital Sky has been in operation, we have maintained a spotless safety record. That being said, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye which is why we carry full, drone specific, liability insurance. Don’t put your workers at risk by hiring drone pilots who don’t know how to maintain safe operations.



We’ve been around the block. We know what it takes to run a full time drone business, meaning that you won’t have to wait weeks or days until we can take time from our day jobs to do the work for you. Drones are what we do. Consistency in our work doesn’t end at our ability to be there when you need us. Every deliverable will be exactly the same, meaning that the only things changing between photos or videos you get from us are your site.

Construction Packages


1 Set of Photos with Reports Monthly.


Bi-Weekly Photos and Reports.


Weekly Photos and Reports.

Each Package Includes

– 10 Geolocated photos each time we fly.
– Custom map viewer interface.
– Simple photo indexing and reporting.
– Consistent photo locations and angles each flight.

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